Terms Of Use


Before you use Sketchemail’s service, please make sure you have read, understood, and agreed to all the terms. By using Sketchemail products, we assume you’ve accepted the terms of use given below.

We reserve the right to change and modify terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice.



Product Compatibility/Updates

All templates are designed to be rendered properly in all major Email Clients & modern web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft EDGE.



Unauthorized/Illegal Usage

You should not use the Sketchemail.com products for any illegal or unauthorized purpose nor may you, in the use of the Service, violate any laws in your jurisdiction (including but not limited to copyright laws) as well as the laws of European Union and International law. In particular, it is prohibited to use our service that promotes: violence, terrorism, hard pornography, racism, vulgarity content or warez software links.

You cannot to sell, resell our template without the express written permission by sketchemail.



Working Schedule

Email Development Team: 10AM to 6PM (UTC) from Monday to Friday. Partial availability on Weekends and holidays.

Account Manager and Live Chat Support: Because we are a growing company, we will try to respond to your query within 24 Hours. Partial availability on Weekends.



Delivery Timelines

Sketchemail tries to deliver the jobs on or before the committed delivery time, however, due to any reason like requirement clarity or long response rate from the client, etc, the delivery may take a little longer.




Default acceptance criteria are applicable to all projects and all project stages. A delivery is considered accepted if:

  • The client approves a delivery or
  • The client does not send any feedback/change requests within 3 weeks (21 Days) of the delivery.




You may contact us for support via email and we will do our best to resolve your issue (Charge may apply). We will try to provide a solution for smaller bug fixes, after which we will update the core package. Support requests made by email, tweet, facebook comment or any other method in most cases will be redirected back to the email.



Fixes / Updates and Post-Delivery Support

We provide free fixes (if under scope) upto Three (3) iterations or until the project is accepted according to the “ACCEPTANCE” paragraph.




The cost of our service is dependent on turnaround time, length of the code, integration, etc.




Payments will be charged on a pre-pay basis on the day that the order is created. Refunds are provided under certain circumstances, as set forth in paragraph “REFUND POLICY” of this Terms of Service Agreement.
Whenever post-payment is available, by confirming the order, the client agrees to pay the agreed-upon amount for the services.



Payment Process

To process our payments we will use a third-party service provider (Wise, Formerly TransferWise). You must agree with their terms and conditions before paying for any of our Services. We will use the purchase information to deliver the service that you’ve purchased.



Content and Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to refuse to work on any project, without the need for providing justification therefore. We will not provide services for any project or potential client for the content which is offensive, illegal or which contains illicit or infringing material.


The Client is fully responsible for the provision, exploitation, maintenance and use of all content, provided by him, including, but not limited to, issues related to:


We normally provide the delivery Files separately using Dropbox or Email. In case the client demands to get these files by any other means like uploading somewhere else or in any ESP, it’s totally the client’s responsibility to secure the same.


While providing any access to ESP, please ensure that the ESP access provided is of Test Account i.e. it should not contain any link or information related to the subscribers list. If any list is linked with this account, Sketchemail takes no liability for loss of data or brand value for that campaign belonging to whosoever brand.


Our company reserves the right to change or modify current Terms and Conditions with no prior notice.



Price Changes and Discounts

Sketchemail reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, a subscription (or any part thereof) with or without notice.

One discount at a time: We offer discounts on our products on different occasions. Only one discount can be applied to a product/subscription at a time. For example, we offer a certain discount on subscription renewals. If for any occasion, say, Black Friday, there is an ongoing discount campaign, you can only utilize the lately applied discount rate. So, for this example, you cannot use both the renewal and the occasional discount at a time. (Usually, the occasional discounts are bigger than the regular ones.) You can utilize one discount at a single purchase/renewal.




We are not licensed to provide stock images and certain true-type fonts (TTF) that might be used on any or all of the provided templates. These require you own or purchase from their respective owners.




We completely understand and honor the intellectual property of our clients and we do not claim any rights on design and code that we produce.
Sketchemail is a 100% Confidential service. Email Marketing template production is the core of what we do and we are not interested in stealing, selling or revealing the information you share with us. We will willingly sign an NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement with you for protection and security of your proprietary information.

  • We will not claim rights over design mockups our clients provide.
  • We will never contact your clients or the clients of your clients.
  • We will willingly sign a NDA.
  • All information that you share with us, including artwork, contact information, and client notes will not be shared with third parties under any circumstances.



Refund Policy

A full refund will be considered based on the following reasons:


    • The client’s order cannot be completed;
    • The client’s request to cancel the order is received before the development is started;
    • The client is not reasonably and legitimately satisfied with the quality of the code or service and provides a comprehensive proof/explanation of the matter;
  • If the order is completed according to the specifications of the client and cannot be a reason for a full or partial refund. In case if something is missed while submitting the project from the client’s end; due to which if delivery is delayed or project is delayed; Sketchemail shall not entitle for a refund.

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